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Hey there, fellow internet user! Welcome to the CodeDash.net Python course landing page. Let me save you a little bit of time here, okay? If you’re looking to dive right into the course, that’s great! This page isn’t a lesson, so just go ahead, scroll all the way down, and click that big “Get Started” button if you like buttons. Trust me, it’s satisfying and I spent way too much time animating it. If you don’t like buttons so much, that’s okay too! They’re a little fussy sometimes. How about try this link to jump into the course instead, or this one to start browsing the course syllabus? That ought to save you some time. However, if you’re not completely ready yet, want to learn a little more about me or this course, and don’t mind reading a bit, I’d love to get to know you better. Just continue reading, and I hope I can make this worth it. 

Anyways, welcome, internet stranger! It looks like you’ve found your way onto our server and to the tech1z8.org online Python course. Have you? Yes, you have. Do you know what that was? An irrelevant question. You know what I just asked again? Another irrelevant question. In my state of insanity, I probably need therapeutic help. But that’s also unhelpfully irrelevant. Either way and anyways, welcome to the tech1z8.org online Python course! Here, at CodeDash.net, we pride ourselves on offering as much help and quality education as we can, for free, so yes, this Python course is free and there isn’t much reason why you shouldn’t join it! I really don’t know how to show you how excited I am that you’re here, but I really am and if, just if, I could reach through this screen, give you a hug, and not make you think I was weird or mentally unstable, I would. Welcome to the course, and welcome to the world of Python!

At this point, you might be giving me that look, and you know which one — not the good one. Don’t worry, I get that a lot, but please stay with me! If you’re not familiar with Python yet, not confident in your skills, or maybe even have absolutely no idea what it is, that’s still completely 100% okay. That’s where I started, too, and that’s what brought you here, and, if you give me a chance, I really hope I can be the one to fix that. Python is a simple to learn yet powerful programming language used all over the place in everything from everyday behind-the-scenes operations to the forefront of machine learning and, in my humble totally definitely completely unsarcastically unbiased opinion, Python is the world’s best programming language. I really can’t say it enough and I can’t wait to share everything I know with you, because my personal Python journey has been awesome and has taken a really meaningful part in my life. Even though I’ve come so far from my utter lack of technological talent to this state of slight decent-ness, I’m still learning new things in Python every day and all the time. I can’t wait to learn alongside you and share what I know! Who knows what could happen and what could be? 

The world is peculiarly awesome sometimes. I may not have seen it coming, but fate and ancient destiny have led you here to me… or was it Google and the button on the front page? I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter. Either way, it would still mean the world to me if you started learning Python along with me, which is negotiably the awesomest of the programming languages. Please, give Python and me a chance, and let me show you that it’s worth every second of your time. 

So, are you with me? You ready? If yes, then all right! I can’t wait to get this started! On this page, just a little bit below this massive blurb you hopefully just read and completely understood (which may or may not have been selectively word-vomited by me but again I’m spouting irrelevance) is a link to the tech1z8.org Python course syllabus, which has its own page, as well as a link to the FAQs page for this Python course. For your convenience and because buttons are both fun and satisfying to make, I’ve added buttons near the bottom of this page to link you there. Reading the FAQs before starting is recommended, though not completely necessary. After all that, if you’re still not so sure about this, feel free to look over our curriculum yourself. Just scroll down to those buttons, and you can’t miss it. 

Yes, if you were wondering, unfortunately for you, this whole course will mostly be taught by me. Nice to meet you! The nickname I use online most of the time is Cafeepy, but I go by CHIEF MACHINATIONS OFFICER (or CMO) here at tech1z8.org. On top of that, I’m also the Chief Marketing Officer here (mostly out of pity from my esteemed and much more skilled colleagues, mind you, but a title’s still a title) which is, coincidentally or not, also abbreviated as CMO. Python, which I picked up pretty recently and started practicing, is my preferred programming language as well as my main programming language (mostly due to me being excruciatingly hopeless with most other languages and thoroughly enjoying Python’s easy-to-learn and clean syntax, paired with its notable power). 

Anyways, thanks for sticking with me to the end of my little rant and multiple tons of waffle here on the Python course landing page. Fortunately for you, if I write any more, I’m afraid I’ll get fired (hopefully I don’t). In the end, even if you don’t like me or don’t want to learn Python now, it’s all worth it for me if I made your life or even just your day a little bit better, and a smile in return is all I’m asking for! That being said, if you do genuinely appreciate what I do, please consider donating to our website to keep us alive. It would be great help! Anyways, it would also be great if you do want to join this course which is, thankfully, free, and if you’re ready, click that button below and I look forward to seeing you on the other side!