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JV1 - What is Java?

Meet Java, the most used programming language around the world, with 16.73% rating on TIOBE, it has been the industry standard for years. many big projects are made using Java, like Netflix, Google, Spotify, even Minecraft! So you must think that this language is very hard to learn and to understand…well, actually no, it is fairly simple, follow this course and we will show you the most powerful programming language, Java.

  • What really is Java?
  • An object-oriented programming language – Java stores its data in the form of objects(We will dive into this later), and it is a very modern way to store data.
  • A modern programming language – it is modern and this is why its liked by a lot of programmers.
  • A very flexible language – can be ran on any operating system(Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.).
  • The most ued and the most popular popular programming language, with huge extensions(add-ons).

Where can I see Java in my life?

  •  Almost every application on your phone
  •  Many softwares on your PC such as Spotify and Netflix
  •  Some websites
  •  Many servers of big websites

How can we use Java?

  • The most common use – android phone apps(mobile development)
  • Java program integrated in websites (Java applet)
  • Backend applications, for example, the applications used by the huge servers


  • Java -> Versatile, efficient, powerful, modern, flexible language
  • Used everywhere
  • So let’s start learning!