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Java @ edgeofcode

Welcome to Java, where your seemingly endless quest of searching for a good programming language will (hopefully) end. Have you ever been told that Python is more powerful than Java, or that Java is less useful than C++, or that Javascript is the play? Well, that all ends here, because according to TIOBE (the most credible site for software quality), Java is still THE most popular and THE most used language now, in 2020. Plus, it’s also definitely one of the MOST efficient languages, with incredibly strong extensions (known as “libraries”), and so on. Hop on and learn the most popular language to learn in 2020!

Why Java?

  • Wide compatibility (can be integrated in almost any other language)
  • A great step to start a career in computer science – you really get to learn the basis of ALL programming in this essential language
  • The industry standard – a lot of big projects are written in Java
  • Huge libraries – lots of resources aggregated by other fellow developers and ready for you to use in ONE CLICK!
  • Execution speed – faster than Python in most usages
  • Common syntax – Java’s syntax is used in many other languages, every line of Java code makes perfect sense, and you can easily learn to read most other language’s code if you know Java
  • Easy to learn – Java is not a hard language to learn – it is very easy to learn in fact, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Is Java right for you?

  • Anyone who’s interested in starting a career in computer science by learning this commonly used language in computer science industry
  • Anyone who wants to flex and know a lot of languages; Java makes a good starting point
  • Anyone who doesn’t hate long and strict indexes
  • Anyone who wants to become a back-end engineer (someone who does things that clients can’t see) or a full stack engineer (someone who does everything) in the future
  • You don’t like complicated syntax.
  • You want something simple.
  • You dislike math (trust us, you need to have an understanding of mathematics in order to program in any programming language successfully, though don’t forget that math is an acquirable skill and we’ll always help you if we can).